An important candidate announcement

Normally we wouldn’t wouldn’t send out a special email for a candidate announcement, but this isn’t just any candidate announcement.

Henry Cuellar is the worst Democrat in Congress on issue after issue after issue. When we were starting this newsletter and thinking about doing long-form dives into particularly bad Democrats, we wrote him up first, because he is ground zero for Democrats who should not be in Congress.

If you want to understand the scale of the problem, we recommend you read that piece.

Since then, Cuellar’s been a semi-recurring figure in the newsletter because of how frequently we have to note that he’s the worst Democrat in some category or another. On abortion, immigration, LGBT rights, party loyalty...we could go on. Cuellar is just garbage.

The Justice Democrats, normally quiet or passive about their recruiting efforts, have been public and clear about their work to find a challenger to Cuellar, and this morning they announced that they’ve succeeded.

Jessica Cisneros has two things in common with Henry Cuellar. One, she’s from Laredo. And two, she’s a lawyer. Beyond that, they are incomparable. Cisneros is an immigration lawyer who has devoted her life to helping others. Straight out of law school, she was doing pro-bono legal aid to refugees, work she continued until she decided to run for Congress.

From the Justice Democrats press release, Cisneros is running on a platform which includes

  • End the corrupting influence of big corporate money in our democracy

  • End family separations, fix our immigration system and oppose the wall

  • Fight poverty and create jobs by supporting a $15 minimum wage and a Green New Deal

  • Medicare for All

  • Free public college, including community college and trade school

  • Reproductive rights and women’s health

  • Common sense reforms to end gun violence and mass shootings

  • Fighting for families through paid family and sick leave, expanding Social Security, protecting Medicaid and Medicare, and making the wealthy on Wall Street pay their fair share

Jessica’s introductory video is a great watch, and her website can be found here.

We don’t usually make direct fundraising pitches, but this primary is a fight worth fighting.

Support Jessica Cisneros and send a real Democrat to Congress.